Author: Robert Holt

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  • Chick Corea is from Chelsea, MA

    I’ve not heard Chick Corea talk in a long while, and I never thought he had any kind of regional American accent. He sounded to me like he was from the midwest. Well, I’ve been living in New England for almost 6 years now, and listening to him my brain instantly snaps-to — “Woah, Chick […]

  • Heavy Rotation in 2017

    And when I say “heavy,” I mean it. It’s usually serial; I love one album at a time while listening to other albums for a change of pace. Yes – Fragile – 2016 Steven Wilson Mix [5.1] Anathema – The Optimist [5.1] Blackfield – V [5.1] King Crimson – Discipline – 201x Steven Wilson Mix […]

  • I’ve got to start writing this stuff down…

    …so I re-installed WordPress. Also, we may be moving to it so I wanted to look at it with some fresh eyes.